Note to Writers Attending the 2014 Conference

Our bookstore this year will be managed by the St. Louis Literary Consortium. This group has agreed to handle all books by MWG members and chapter members, and by non-member conference attendees who have paid the additional fee to have their books sold at the conference. They will handle all books, whether traditionallly published, co-op published, or self-published. And best of all, they will be hosting the bookstore from Friday through Sunday in order to give attendees the maximum possible time to sell their books. They will also be accepting credit card payments for books.

But in order to defray the costs of staffing the bookstore and absorbing the credit card fees, the consortium will be charging a 20 percent consignment fee on the retail price of the books. Depending on your wholesale cost for your books, this fee may be more or less than the consignment fee you would be charged at a retail bookstore. But we at the Guild want to make sure that writers are fully informed of the costs of bookselling before they decide whether or how many books to bring.

Nonmembers who have already paid the fee to sell books at the conference, but who would like to reconsider, may contact the Conference Chair at

Missouri Library Association Convention

Missouri Writers' Guild board members spent the day at the recent Missouri Library Association convention promoting MWG members' books and handing out CDs with ordering information. Here's Janet Bettag, member of the board, with some of the Writers' Guild brochures and gift items. It was a great day for Missouri writers!



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